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Yes I’m a minimalist but I refuse to live in an empty home!

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Yes I’m a minimalist but I refuse to live in an empty home!

There is this myth that minimalists live their lives full of restrictions (don’t buy this, can’t have that…) and I want to talk about that myth. Minimalism is not just about your possessions but it’s about creating space in your life and finding freedom.

We are constantly fighting for more. More living space, more wardrobe space, more brain capacity, the ability to juggle more tasks, more strength to cope with feelings, more money to pay our debts. But what if you just live your life without constantly have to fight for more?

What if you create a life that is good as is?

No more ‘more’, but just freedom. Freedom to live, love, feel and be happy with exactly what you have right now?

I would lie if I was to say that this can happen overnight. You need to take intentional steps to become a minimalist. For years we have been pushed into our little corners and we’ve been brainwashed to want more. More things, more money, more followers, more friends and so on.

In order to stop wanting more, you need to change your mindset. And to do so, you need to make changes. Changes that will help you start seeing clearly that what you have is enough. What you have is all you need.

The easiest way to start making this changes, is to start from creating space with your possessions, and the more you will start feeling comfortable with letting go of your things, you will notice that it gradually changes your mindset. Many people that managed to declutter their homes (including me) have described it as a weight being lifted from their shoulders. This is because they have managed to create space in one area of their lives and that instantly created space in their minds. It’s that feeling that you want and can transfer in other parts of your life like relationships, careers, social media, task lists, social activities and the list goes on.

My journey to minimalism started not by decluttering, but by dealing with my financial hell that my ‘I want more’ life has put me many years ago. I hit rock bottom and decided I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life working like mad just to pay of my credit cards and loans. I had to stop spending more than I was earning and when I achieved that my mind shift happened.

By decluttering your home, doesn’t make you a minimalist! But it helps with the process of simplifying your life and letting go of things.

“Minimalists search for happiness not through things, but through life itself; thus, it’s up to you to determine what is necessary and what is superfluous in your life”
The Minimalists

Minimalism can help you create space in your home from getting rid of your possessions, or letting go of people to allow space in your heart for the few meaningful relationships that fill your life with happiness and make you a better person. Space in your mind from all the worries and fears you’ve carried around for years, like body image and guilt or constantly being overwhelmed. Minimalism is not just about decluttering but is about finding freedom. And when you find this freedom by letting go, is when personal growth and pure joy happens.

The world won’t stop trying to make you feel that you don’t have enough and that YOU are not enough. This is the world we are living at the moment, but minimalism will help you see through all that, and look the world back in its face, smile and say: I have enough, I am enough. Simple as that!

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Yes I’m a minimalist but I refuse to live in an empty home!