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What is your soul craving right now?

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I started practising Yoga seven years ago. At first I was curious, I was looking for some sort of exercise that was different from all the things I used to do. I was practising on and off, whenever I had time, and more than anything was the physical aspect that I enjoyed doing. Gradually evolving my postures, toning my body and working on my flexibility, also the way it made me feel after, was very different to what I was used to and I was enjoying that.

I kept saying to myself ‘I’m not into all the spiritual things’, ‘Chanting and all that is not really my thing…’ and kept pushing the spiritual side that my practise was offering to me out of my system. Gradually I started to pay attention. Noticing all the things that I was rejecting for my own personal reasons and this is when my true inner journey began. Week after week of practising, my yoga journey evolved to something else. Something much more than toning my body and keeping in shape. It wasn’t forced or intentional, I was just ready to start noticing the real changes that I gained over the years of practising (and it wasn’t physical transformation this time.. I’m still working on my headstand!)

Last week our wonderful Yoga teacher Tara Clark at Very Yoga Reigate where I’ve been practising the last year, opened our practice with this question:

How many times you have heard someone on their birthday saying “God, I’m getting old”, “But I don’t feel old!” “I can’t believe I’m 40 already, but I don’t feel like I’m 40!” How many times have YOU felt the same way?

I was thinking: “I have, I heard my close friends saying it and I even heard my mum who is in her 70s saying the same thing.”

And she continued: “This is because our physical bodies are getting old, but our souls never age”.

It was like an internal energy current of realisation suddenly hit me. We always try to make our bodies look good, putting them under many stresses and pressures, constantly trying to alter them and fight what is natural and comes with ageing, while our souls are screaming to us, loud and clear “What about me? I’m not old!” I AM NOT OLD!”.¬† But we pay no attention to that internal scream as we are consumed by our physical appearance so much that we don’t hear that voice at all.

Our souls never age. Our physical bodies are ageing. There is nothing we can do to stop that process. But what if you pay attention to that internal voice, the voice that is telling you that you are not old. What would happen if you would stop wasting all your energy about your external appearance but instead start caring internally. What if you start showing up for your soul and showed you care?

This is what would happen: You would start growing internally into a positive, a more fulfilled person, a person that radiates young eternal energy and every cell of your physical body would exude that.

Always treat your body with respect, but more importantly what is your soul craving right now? Can you hear it?

Adding value for me this week:

I’m loving the uplifting and hugely informative podcast of Mellissa Ambrosini especially her sort and highly motivational ‘Monday Motivation’ like the You Do You which are only 3-4 mins long. If you have no time at all, the least you can do is start by giving your soul 3 mins of motivation a day right?

Much love to you,

 Thank you!

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What is your soul craving right now?