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The ethical made vintage kids room

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There is something magical about the world that kids live in. As we grow older we need our bedroom to be our sanctuary and our relaxing heaven, but when you are a kid it’s a whole different story.

Their bedroom should be their creative space. Where they play, they learn and explore. It needs to be magical and spark their wildest imagination. I have always been drawn to vintage furniture and the stories they have to tell, the families they have lived with before and the amazing craftsmanship.

Also lately, with all the campaigning of using less plastic; did you watch the shocking documentary at BBC last night? it got me thinking. How much plastic do our kids own? I know from friends and family members that the volume of plastic toys they own can be large, as kids love their toys right? Toys are sometimes only used for a few months or maybe a year? As they can end up broken after a few plays, so they end up in the trash. What is this doing for our environment?

Designing a kids room with a vintage style, not only you are creating a very bespoke room filled with warmth and storytelling, uniquely made for your child, but also you are having a more ethical approach to our environment.

Toys that are made with wood or natural fabric are so much better for our environment and consequently our kids future, but they also last longer.

So if you are a new mum, or it’s time to redesign your kids bedroom, think about a vintage approach and here are some of my favourite rooms for inspiration and to get your juices flowing 🙂

Inspiration Alert!

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