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The art of wall art and how to create a gallery wall

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Ideas for creating a gallery wall

People often react differently when they hear the word ‘art’. Some appreciate a specific style of art, some have no idea what art means, others feel is just something that only creative people ‘get’, and some are simply not interested.

Art can be as simple or as complicated a term as you want it to be, but is definitely not something for just a few people to appreciate and enjoy. Art is anything beautiful in the eyes of the beholder. I have a minimalistic approach on our home styling and interiors but when it comes to art I tend to ‘bend my guidelines’.

Last week, I was trying to decide what furniture I needed to complete our living room styling and I was really struggling. The room was feeling cold and a bit bland. I thought I needed a tall cabinet, but I knew, for my minimalistic style, it would have been a bit of a squeeze. I let the thought percolate a little and in the meantime I decided to hang some art on our walls. And bang! that was it, the room needed nothing else. Suddenly it was transformed into a warm and inviting space.

Gallery Wall ideas and how to create one

Art doesn’t have to be expensive and definitely doesn’t need to be specific. We have gathered our art from shops all over the world. From affordable online illustrations to a couple of gallery paintings. We don’t own any expensive pieces of art, and I like it that way, as I do like to update my interiors quite often. I couldn’t justify spending vast amounts of money on a very expensive piece only to decide to put something else on the wall next year.

Deciding what you want to hang on your walls or updating your existing pieces can be a very confusing thing. There is so much choice out there and sometimes you don’t know where to start. So, here are some tips to help you hang up these beauties and revive your space.

Rule No1. There is no right or wrong.

You can be as minimalistic or as lavish you like. I tend to look at the space I have available. If I have a small wall I try not to put too much on it. One frame might be more than enough. But for large walls, especially if you don’t have lots of tall furniture, you can create a Gallery Wall. A Gallery Wall is a cluster of many frames together, usually evenly spaced out. But that’s not a rule.

Reuse what you can.

Changing only the picture frame of your existing art can transform any piece. Maybe add some mounting paper if you want to increase the size of your art or you feel it would look better if it had some ‘breathing space’ around it.

Gallery Wall ideas and how to create one

Choose a common theme.

This can be that all your frames will be white or with a thin profile. Or you only use black and white photos. Or can be similar toned nature landscapes. There are so many options but if your Gallery Wall has one common link amongst them then your art will look more harmonious.

Gallery Wall ideas and how to create one

Go off-centre

We used to put things in centre. For example, if you want to hang a picture above a bed or a sofa, we used to hang them in the centre of the width of the furniture or the wall. This time, try off-centre and you’ll see how much more interesting the composition looks. The eye is drawn to the unusual and that’s not a bad thing. So if you want to make your composition an understated focal point, try the off centre technique.

Gallery Wall ideas and how to create one

Make a template before you hang them up

Use brown paper (or any kind of paper), even old newspapers. Put your frames on the floor and make your ideal composition. Cut the paper on the frame size and transfer that composition onto your walls by sticking your paper templates. I usually start with the middle frame and work my way outwards by measuring the distances I need. It’s easier to adjust the paper templates on the wall rather than the actual frames before you are 100% you are happy with everything.

Equal distances between frames is not a must

But do make the gallery wall look a bit more balanced. To be completely honest I rarely measure when I hang things on our walls, but I make sure the distances are ‘almost’ equal. We do end up drilling multiple holes sometimes… so to avoid this, please measure!

Gallery Wall ideas and how to create one

Use a picture ledge

If you don’t feel confident with the measuring, or you’re living in rented accommodation that is not allowing you to drill too many holes,  another great way to create an Gallery Wall is by using a picture ledge. It’s easy to install and you can update your frames whenever you want without worrying too much about having lots of holes on your walls.

Gallery Wall ideas and how to create one

Black and white photography

Nowadays it’s so easy to create a black and white photo even with our phones. Choose your best photos, make them black and white, play with the contrasts and the brightness, print them out and frame them. You will be amazed how much more ‘arty’ a black and white picture of your muddy puppy, or a simple staircase can look on your wall, and this will be your own creation! 🙂

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Photo Credits: All Photos are from my Pinterest Art Wall Board, check it out and follow for more inspiration!

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Ideas for creating a gallery wall