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Spring cleaning & my capsule wardrobe challenge

By 2nd March 2016 September 28th, 2019 4 Comments

It is a fact, I like a clutter-free home. So I have a rule. Whatever hasn’t been used, worn or needed within one year it goes. Today I’m sharing with you my first Capsule Wardrobe experinence and how I never looked back to a cluttered wardrobe again!

It doesn’t matter if I love a piece, or I’m waiting for the right moment to wear it – which by the way, if in a year this moment hasn’t come, it never will! Or my old time favourite: “if I lose a couple of pounds will fit perfectly”.

One year, that’s it. Time’s up, charity shop here I come!

The need for a clutter-free life

Lately I also realised that the older I get this need of a clutter-free life is growing more and more. Don’t we have enough ‘clutter and noise’ in our lives as it is? The work-life balance, the hobbies, the studies, the social media, the commute, the ‘what should I cook for dinner tonight’, the bad relationship dramas, the friend dramas and so on. Don’t you think at least the things we CAN declutter we should start doing it now to create some space in our lives?

As I mentioned before we are in a process of moving home soon so I was thinking that I will need to start getting organising in the packing front. I have to confess, although I love moving, unpacking, organising or decorating my new space… THE packing is what I dread, I don’t know what it is maybe the fact that my heart has already moved and I want to go and this process seems to be never ending.

Stuff, stuff and stuff everywhere! So this is the bit I don’t really enjoy. Especially packing all our clothes, we have a lot of clothes and shoes and bags and accessories. A LOT!

My Capsule Wardrobe

A few months ago while browsing on my Pinterest looking for ideas of dressing rooms and organising my clothes, I discovered a whole new world through Unfancy and the Capsule wardrobe experiment. What is a capsule wardrobe? As Caroline in her blogs very simply explains:

“It’s a mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you totally LOVE to wear.”

So I thought, what do I have to lose? I have a huge wardrobe, full of things, mainly high street clothes that I like but never wear, either because is not the right occasion – by the way the right occasion never comes –, is not the perfect fit, they make me feel uncomfortable or it’s not ‘me’ but bought them in a ‘feeling brave moment’.

I followed Caroline’s suggestion one evening, I emptied my wardrobe completely and laid everything on my bed. It was a bit daunting I won’t lie.

Then I’ve created three piles:

  • No1: The ‘I LOVE’ pile
  • No2: The “I’m not too sure’ pile

and finally

  • No3: The ‘Thank you for all the good times, but I have to let you go’ pile.

I placed No1 pile neatly back in my wardrobe, these were all the pieces I really love, I feel great wearing them, they mix and match, that are comfy and versatile.

I placed No2 in a box and stored it out of site. It was accessible if I wanted to get anything out of it, but the rule was if I haven’t reached for that box in the next 6 months this would join the No3 pile

To my surprise pile No3 was the biggest one!
I took pile No3 to my local charity shop.

My wardrobe looked something like this… ok maybe a few more pieces than this photo bellow.

Spring cleaning and my capsule wardrobe challenge

(Photo credit: Unfancy Capsule Wardrobe)

Suddenly I felt light and airy! No joke, a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I had a wardrobe that I really really loved and none of this “I have nothing to wear’ nonsense! Every single piece that survived I liked! Plus it was ⅓ of the original volume. I mean how cool is that? Where was I living? Thank you Unfancy!

I did the same for all my shoes, handbags and accessories. Oh yes, I was ruthless.

I do own more pieces than the 37 pieces that Caroline suggests in her blog but I think with our climate here you need a bit more stuff to make sure you cover all weather elements. But that’s ok. This is what is so great about this experiment, you are your own boss there. You take your decluttering into the level you feel comfortable and that’s that! Make your own rules. Find your comfy.

I also decided that from now on whenever I replace with a new piece – oh yes, I forgot to say, if a new piece goes in, something needs to come out, otherwise you are back to zero –  will be well thought and preferably ethically made. I now have more space and more money left to be honest after I stopped these relentless shopping sprees that laid only to a clutter stressful life.

A Capsule Wardrobe represents, More time + More money + More energy for all the things in life that really matter #unfancy

In the next posts I will be sharing here a lot of ideas, plans and moodboards for our future home. My aim is to create a clean space focused on simplicity, muted colours, great textures, well thought materials and objects that have a purpose.

Have you ever tried the capsule wardrobe experiment? Have you straggled with clutter? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Speak soon,

Anna M.

Some of my favourite dressing room photos

Spring cleaning and my capsule wardrobe challenge 2

(Photo credit: Stylizimo – Nina Host)

Spring cleaning and my capsule wardrobe challenge 3

(Photo credit: Left Modern Legacy, Right Sadecor )

Spring cleaning and my capsule wardrobe challenge 4(Photo credit: Avenue)


For more inspiration on Capsule Wardrobes check my Pinterest board here.

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  • Angela says:

    Love this I am going to try the 3 piles Anna my wardrobes are bulging and it really annoys me I have stopped buying as much now I like to wear my clothes I have , the only trouble is I have a lot of favourites a lot of them but I think I can narrow it down to create a better wardrobe with your help . I do have a lot of coats also (I don’t even wear as always in the car and have favourite warm jackets for walking * the dogs ) I must let go of them . Wel. Shoes and booots I must have about near 100 of them terrible I will work on that also I did last year but not enough . I also done my bags so now I am just a Michael kor bag girl thanks for your tips girl

    • Anna Moumtzidou says:

      So glad you find it helpful Angela! I know it’s hard to let go sometimes favourite items, but honestly you will feel so much better having less things. The things you actually wear and really truly love! Keep me posted! Would love to hear how you got on! x

  • Tina Orphanides says:

    I live being organised and clutter free in fact organised and clutter free Tina should be my second name – my wardrobe is not vast and has always been like this – just got rid of more stuff too can’t stand clutter and mess as it makes my mind go crazy – plus being a Libra it’s all about balance and harmony – loved this blog

    • Anna Moumtzidou says:

      Amazing! Yes me too, can’t stand clutter, it really disturbs my headspace. I don’t think many people can actually stand the clutter, but some find it difficult to put everything in order. Not me 🙂 xx