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Slow living, minimalism, self care, what do they mean, and how you can live a happier life

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I was chatting to a friend who is going through a hectic patch in her life. The last 3 years, since she had her baby she felt that ‘the train has derailed’. As a working mum, she was feeling anxious, guilty, overwhelmed and never had enough time. Not a good place to be. We started talking about slow living and minimalism and how that could help her get her life back on track.

I wanted to share my thoughts on slow living and minimalism. The truth is that all these terms along with mindful living, self care, hygge and lagom, have emerged after our desperate need to find some quite space, declutter our lives and our minds from all the extra noise and for me, are all the same.

What is Slow living?

Let’s get some things straight to start with:

  • Slow living is not about doing things slowly.
  • Minimalism is not living a monastic life in a concrete house, with a single bed in the middle of the room. A Kinfolk book on an empty table, while you only drink matcha tea
  • Self care is not only about manicures, pedicures and yoga
  • Hygge is not only about drinking hot chocolates and wearing cozy socks

Slow living, minimalism and self care is about removing all the noise from your life. And by ‘noise’ I mean all the extras that we have accumulated over the years that serve no purpose. Unfortunately we keep carrying them with us, either because of a habit, a fear to let go, or the uncertainty of how life would be without them.

Our lives have become overly hectic and emotionally unstable, filled with anxiety and depression. When did terms like, “I’m extremely busy”, “I wish I had more hours in a day”,”My calendar is booked until spring next year” become acceptable or even sometimes trendy?

One overrated myth, especially for women, is that we are good at multitasking. When did that become a thing? Yes, we are multitaskers and we can juggle. But that doesn’t mean we are doing things right! And most importantly we don’t do ourselves any good. How can we be great in whatever we do, when we spread ourselves too thinly? When we can’t focus and not give 100% of ourselves in what we do?

Slow living or minimalism is about finding the right balance. Remove from your life, habits, materialistic things, even people that really don’t serve you anything. In fact, they actually harm you. Think off all the people that surround you right this moment and then think how many of these people bring you down, drain you mentally or even worse bully you, but you still carry on seeing them.

Slow living is about taking a moment to think, plan and use your time to achieve happiness. And by happiness I mean, find time to surround yourself with people that help you be a better person. The great job you were always dreaming of, hobbies that will help you enjoy your life and fill your soul with a great sense of achievement.

Slow living is about taking care of yourself. Investing time in your health must be your top priority. Without a healthy strong self we can’t really achieve much, can we? Vulnerable and overstimulated we eventually crumble.

Transitioning from a hectic busy pace to a more mindful, healthy and happy life its not something that can happen overnight. It’s about making small changes in your life and constantly be open to adjusting things.

You will hear a lot about slow mindful living in this blog as it’s part of my personal journey and I’ll share with you all the little ways I used so far to get rid of the noise and clutter I have carried over the years.

Do something for you now.

  1. Make a list
    How about you stop for a moment, and just make a list of all the things you could actually change, from decluttering you wardrobe to decluttering your ‘friends’. Have you done a health-check lately? Just put everything down on paper. It might be a very long list, or just two little things you could change. If you do this, you have already done your first step to mindful living as you have just managed to declutter your mind from all the things that weren’t letting you go to sleep. They are down on the paper. Next step is to prioritise and take some actions. But one step at a time 🙂
  2. Minimise your digital life.
    Technology especially at night can effect your quality of sleep, so while you sitting there scrolling away as your ‘me time’ in the evening, you are actually overstimulating your nervous system and this can affect your sleep quality and energy. Leaving you more tired and more anxious without even realising it. Try and stay away of your phone/screens an hour before you go to bed.
  3. Attract your tribe
    Make an effort to spend more time with people that make you feel good. It’s a fact that ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’. Start having real relationships (not just online) with people that make you feel good. Healthy relationships can bring such joy and energy in your life that can only be a great thing!

Like this post? Stay tuned as I will be blogging about ways how to plan your life, tackle your ToDo list, strategise and how to be ‘selfish’ with your self care this year.

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  • Lizzy says:

    This is so good! For the first time in years, I don’t have any holiday plans for next year yet, and it somewhat terrifies me. I feel the need to fill the void with plans, and dreams and plane tickets. But I am know how much it costs to be busy, so I am learning to lean into a slower pace of life. Putting things on paper is one of my favourite ways to do this.

  • Peta says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, I love the idea of writing a list of all the little and big things. We can often think of self-care as lovely things which fill us with warm fuzzy feels, but it’s more often than not things we don’t really want to do – go to the dentist or sort out car insurance! Sending lots of love your way,
    Peta x