Client: Spoon Agency

London | Oslo | Gothenburg | Stockholm | Helsinki | Malmö

Spoon is a global content marketing agency with Nordic roots. We worked together to create a brand concept that communicates clearly who they are. Working backwards we went back to their roots and values and the simplicity Nordic design is well known for.

We came up with a creative concept that really made them stand out, simply by cutting through all the noise. I worked with them on the brand concept, the visuals, and finally re-designing and developing their website.

Design concept ideas
Website concepts
Final design and development – WordPress site
Design rational
Nordic culture is hugely popular and celebrated globally, especially from a design perspective. People all over the world are talking about Nordic minimalism, Hygge, Lagom and even Fika. When the outside world thinks of the Nordics, their perception is a set of welcome contradictions, such as…
Classy, but very natural
Honest, but also tactful
Minimalist, but with dynamic accents
Stylish, but also comfortable

The world loves the Nordics

Sharing my client love

“She is a highly skilled and experienced Creative Director and she has a way to create clarity around your brand by stripping all the noise and focusing on the things that matter the most. Anna really understands branding not only from the visual aspect but from the content marketing side of things. She also knows how to bring a solution to a problem and that made our working relationship highly creative, fun and always productive.”

Shelley Hoppe - London Agency Director, Spoon