It’s been a long time coming but finally our kitchen renovation is complete. I’ve been waiting 2 years for this moment and I’m so excited to share with you the before and after shots of this project.

I have given you a sneak peek of my inspiration and the moodboard I’ve created for my dream kitchen here.

Our space was very small so I tried to maximise what we had as we weren’t able to extend. The kitchen was very outdated, cramped and although there was plenty of cupboard spaces it wasn’t very well thought out. We also had a new boiler fitted when we first moved in and an old cupboard was removed so it could fit, so all the old, ugly pipes where on display. To top it all off, we had a leak in the ceiling so it was all patchy – how did I live with this for so long I don’t know!

Want to see how it was?

The Before.

Now you can understand why I couldn’t wait until our kitchen was renovated.

We decided to open up the wall that was separating the dining room, knock down the under stairs cupboard to open up the space even more and create a small utility area where the old porch was.

That created so much more space but also allowed a lot of natural light in.

So without further ado (drumrolls) DAH DA!


Our kitchen renovation reveal with before and after shots

I’ve gone for a traditional shaker style kitchen, with grooved end panels to add a bit more character. The most expensive part of our kitchen was the quartz worktops but we compromised by not going for top-of-the range appliances to keep within our budget.

I was completely obsessed with having a black kitchen as our home is very light and bright and I didn’t want to live in a ‘white house’. Nothing wrong with that btw, just a personal preference and I love a bit of high contrast with interiors.

To balance the ‘heavy’ colour of our units, we decided that we wouldn’t have any wall hanging cabinets and we used open shelving. This is such a great solution because we only keep out stuff that we use every single day.

Our kitchen renovation reveal with before and after shotsOur kitchen renovation reveal with before and after shotsOur kitchen renovation reveal with before and after shots

I had a real struggle with our flooring as I wanted badly to go for a parquet floor, but unfortunately our budget wasn’t allowing us (no-matter how much I tried to squeeze everything down!). I went in all the big showrooms around our area but I found my perfect floor in a small showroom around the corner from where we live at FTS Flooring.

We chose this beautiful Frozen oak extra matt engineered wood flooring which was very reasonably priced. Richard, the owner, was very accommodating as I have left the ordering of the flooring too late. But this was a drama-free transaction as from order to delivery took only 1 day! I love supporting local business so for me it was a win win! Our kitchen renovation reveal with before and after shotsOur kitchen renovation reveal with before and after shots

Renovation can be a highly stressful process, so it’s important to find the right builder and be prepared, I’ve written here the beginners checklist to renovating.

So what do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts! Off to make a cup of coffee now in our brand new kitchen 🙂


This Place I Call Home Anna Moumtzidou



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