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My imperfect perfect Christmas

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My imperfect perfect Christmas

Well, we have officially entered Christmas!

I used to be a Bah Humbug around this time of the year, usually because I didn’t have time to prepare for ‘my perfect Christmas’, so I used to resent anyone that was chirpy and ‘hands-on’. I mean, who has the bloody time to make a wreath when all hell breaks loose with work, you’re running around like a crazy mad dog from party to party and you see your dress size going up by the minute from all the mince pies you’ve already started eating since November, right?

I used to see all the ads with perfectly styled homes and was getting grumpier and grumpier. WHO has time for all that? I used to think…

This year everything changed, as we are hosting our first family Christmas in our home, so I thought it’s time to shake off my Bah Humbug phase and embrace my inner Christmas cheer.

But where do I start with planning all this Christmas malarky?

I think the problem I had in the past was choice. We have so much choice in our lives that it was these choices that was making me confused as to how I want ‘my perfect Christmas’ to look like.

When I say ‘look like’ I’m literally talking about the ‘look & feel’ I wanted. A bit of a branding exercise for my Christmas styling.

What would our home Christmas decor look like? How am I going to wrap all our presents? How am I going to style our Christmas dinner table?

So I came up with my own Christmas branding exercise and created ‘My Perfect’ Christmas moodboard. I’ve been doing moodboards for years now, and I can tell you one thing, nothing focuses the mind more than having a moodboard or vision board as a reference for your Christmas project, or in fact any project.

My imperfect perfect Christmas

I browsed all my favourite blogs, I devoured Pinterest and flicked through all my favourite magazines. I printed and cut all the pages I loved and stuck them on my office wall. I decided that Christmas will be this months project for me. By doing this, I not only got into the mood (I even booked myself into a wreath making course!) but also my ‘Christmas style’ was clear. Organic, handmade, minimal are the three keywords to describe it.

I’ll try to be as kind to nature as I can, using natural materials and less plastic this Christmas. I know it’s nearly impossible to go ‘plastic free’, but if we all are a little mindful about it and do small changes, like swapping any plastic we can with something that it’s made from natural materials,  we can make a big difference.

I want to say one last thing about about caring for our environment. I’m aware that I’m privileged to be able to make some changes, unfortunately these days going organic, natural or environmental friendly can be quite costly. There are people out there that are not as privileged and struggle to even make a living, so let’s stop being judgy (I know I have!) and lets’ all try to do the best we can for ourselves.

My imperfect perfect Christmas

Do you want to dive into some new Christmas handmade and environmental friendly ideas, that definitely aren’t costly? I made a Pinterest board just for you, have a look here 🙂

Happy Holidays!

Much love to you,

 Thank you!

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My imperfect perfect Christmas