I always believed that the kitchen should be the heart of every home. Maybe it’s my mediterranean upbringing that thinks all social engagements should  involve food! As we are well into our kitchen renovation I found the opportunity to share with you how I designed our kitchen and where I got my inspiration from.

I’ve been following the trends and I have a huge crush on black kitchens. Black and white are my favourite colours after all. But I was always opting for light and airy interiors, so naturally I was a bit nervous going down the dark side. I was also concerned as our kitchen space is small so I wasn’t sure if it’s going to look very cramped.

Planning & Moodboards

After some research, planning and moodboarding I came up with these ideas to ensure we still have a light and airy feel in our home.

And here is a sneak peek of the look I’m going for 🙂

Kitchen moodboard inspiration from This Place I Call Home

  • Lower units: All the lower kitchen units will be black with brass details
  • Open shelving: I’ve opted out for any wall hanging units as these usually make the space feel smaller. Instead I’m going to use light coloured open shelving to store the plates and glasses that we use every day.
  • Worktop: A white granite worktop to reflect the light.
  • Flooring: Light coloured Scandinavian style engineered wood flooring

This moodboard helped me visualise the end result and stay focused, as I have to admit, I have the tendency to drift off and change my mind quite often (any of you have the same problem?) 🙂 If you want to learn how to create a moodboard like this, check my step by step guide here.

But what if you can’t do a complete renovation?

Well I have some ideas to share with you. If you are bored with the look of your kitchen or you think it feels a bit dated, but it’s not in your plans to completely renovate it, why don’t you try some of the below ideas to give new life to your kitchen without breaking the bank. There are so many ways to update it relatively easily.

Advice I always give first of all and most importantly: try to declutter as much as you can before you start any work.

Here are some ideas:

  • If possible, change the cupboard fronts or
  • Paint the cupboards a different colour
  • Add new door handles or knobs, you will be amazed how different your kitchen can look if you do this tiny update
  • Paint the tiles
  • Change the worktop
  • Get some new light sconces
  • Put up some open shelves and rest some artwork on these
  • Add a rug

But enough talking, here are a few of my favourite kitchens that made my heart go… awww, and inspired me to put our kitchen style together.

Kitchen Trends inspiration from This Place I Call HomeKitchen Trends inspiration from This Place I Call HomeKitchen Trends inspiration from This Place I Call HomeKitchen Trends inspiration from This Place I Call HomeKitchen Trends inspiration from This Place I Call HomeKitchen Trends inspiration from This Place I Call Home

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  • Tomasz says:

    Hi Anna .,
    It looks great.
    This colours composition doing lots and that create lovely place, clean ,fresh…
    Everything works perfectly .I like it .
    Keep warm.

    • Anna Moumtzidou says:

      Hello Tomasz! Thank you so much for your comment and really pleased you like the look I’m going for. I’m all about bright, clean and fresh looking spaces 🙂

  • Monika says:

    Love your mood board! Your kitchen will for sure be amazingly beautiful. I have also opted for a black matt kitchen for our new flat. Quite a bold statement, and I was also hesitating, but in the end I decided to just go for it. Good luck with all the reno work going on.

    • Anna Moumtzidou says:

      OH Amazing! Thank you so much Monika, I can’t wait to see your kitchen too, I know it will look fabulous! xxx

  • Laurie Hill says:

    Hi Anna,

    Just found your blog today and am loving it! I love your kitchen’s mood board and how you have brought together so many ideas to give your kitchen a light and airy feel using black and white. I’m sure it will be beautiful and inspiring. I’m like you, my kitchen is my hub and I love making meals for family and friends.

    • Anna Moumtzidou says:

      Thank you so much Laurie! I can’t wait for my kitchen to finish and share how it turned up. Really close now 🙂
      Have a great day!! x