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Ideas to bring more light into a dark space

By 6th November 2018 September 28th, 2019 No Comments
How to bring more light into a dark space

The clocks have changed and we are heading fast into the deep end of winter. I know from myself and other fellow sun-worshipers that one thing we miss during the winter months is light flooding through our windows. Some of us live in north facing houses so we are struggling with light all year long.

But do not despair, there are tricks and ideas to bring more light in your space that doesn’t need to cost you the world.

Get rid of your heavy curtains.

Opt in for sheer light coloured curtains or sheer blinds that can allow the best possible light in. Heavy curtains offer privacy but they do block a lot of light. If you have the choice make sure your curtains (when they are drawn back) are over the window frames and not resting on your window edges. This will help you bring maximum amount of light in.

Paint colour for your walls

Choose white or any light neutral tone you like. These tones will reflect the light instantly and make your room look brighter. Don’t choose a gloss paint. This will only create glares in the room which is not ideal. Matt paint will absorb and bounce the light and create a more natural look.

Mirror placement.

If you have the space there is no better trick than placing a big mirror opposite your windows or a door. The reflection you’ll get will maximise the light in your room but also create the illusion of space. So mirrors get a big thumbs up when you are trying to bring more light into your space.

Reflective surfaces.

Choose furniture with reflective surfaces like a glass or metal. This will help bounce the light instantly.

Move that TV away from the window.

Don’t block your windows with any big objects or furniture. Make sure the pathway to your light source is open and clear!

Clean your windows!

I know this is the obvious, but you will notice a big difference if you clean your windows frequently. Also, if you have trees that are blocking your light see if you can trim them a bit!

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