What is the first thing you see when you walk through your front door?

I often thought that the first thing you see when you walk in will set your mood and how you feel about your home.

Let’s agree that most of us don’t have a lavish entrance hall to walk into. It’s usually a narrow space that we are going through to get to our main living area. But this narrow space can be transformed with a few tricks to make it look so much more inviting.

What I want you to achieve is the ‘Ahhh, finally I’m home’ feeling, not the ‘Sh*t, I’m back, let the battle begin’ feeling when you walk in.

So here are some ideas to get you inspired.


Usually entrances don’t have much natural light and to make this even more challenging, sometimes we paint them a dark colour. So my advice in narrow entrances is first of all, get the brush out and paint them a light colour, from brilliant white to a soft calming light grey or to the very fashionable – which is making a huge comeback – warm light beige. Neutrals have a calming effect and start you off for a calm restful home-coming.

How to easy create a welcoming beautiful entrance


Nothing else can bounce the light more than a big mirror. Find where you can place one and hang it up. If it’s a floor to ceiling size even better but any size mirror would do! A great trick for bouncing the light is to place it opposite a natural light source, if you don’t have a window or you can’t hang it up opposite a window, try opposite a door that leads to another room. Even a little glimpse of light will get doubled. Mirrors have this ‘power’ of attracting the light and bouncing it off magically. It will transform your room and needless to say, it will make the room look much larger.


There is nothing worse than opening your front door to face to a pile of shoes, coats or bags on the floor. Depending on your space and budget you can add a storage solution. This can be in the form of a free standing wardrobe so you can put all these things away, or a beautiful console table with drawers and cabinets, or simple baskets. A more pricey solution is to invest on building under stairs storage. I don’t have space for any furniture in our entrance hallway, so I have chosen some beautiful coat hooks and a large basket for our casual/dog walking shoes that we wear every day. As it’s a large open basket I ‘hide the mess’ with a blanket. That’s another trick to hide mess! 🙂 Combined that with our under stairs storage, I’ve created a mess free zone!

How to easy create a welcoming beautiful entrance


If you live in a house and not a flat, create a beautiful Wall Art for your staircase. It will really lift the mood of the house and it can also be a wall full of memories. If you live in a flat and you have the space, beautifully curated art will take your entrance the extra mile 🙂

How to easy create a welcoming beautiful entrance

Plants or flowers:

Nothing can make the space more ‘alive’ than having a little bit of greenery. I love indoor plants and I have them in every room, including our entrance. There is an understated splash of colour that plants bring into the space, that can make even the smallest of spaces, more shall I say, interesting? Choose your plants carefully though. Plants need natural light so if there is no natural source of light or very little you need to choose accordingly. A really well made faux plant would work for you in that case.

If you have a shelf or a console table, nothing beats the feel a bouquet of fresh flowers gives.


Smell plays a big part in our psychology. When something smells nice we are attracted to it. It’s natural instinct. If your home smells nice the minute you walk through that front door, you will be attracted to it even more. Candles, diffusers, essential oils or fresh flowers can achieve that. So pick your favourite and scent away!

Front door

I know this can be an expensive solution. But have you ever thought of changing your front door? Doors with glass panels can bring so much light in your entrance that will transform the space instantly! We used to have a dark solid wood door and we changed it adding some glass side panels. I just couldn’t believe the amount of light that was flooding through in the same space!

I hope you found some ideas that you can use in your space. I would love to hear if you have tried any of these.

Much love to you,

 Thank you!

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How to easy create a welcoming beautiful entrance