How to create the coastal beach house look in your home

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How to create a coastal style home

Coastal beach house interiors is one of my favourite styles. This relaxed holiday feel that you get when you are by the seaside, why not bring it home? So in today’s blog I’m sharing some tips on how to create this style for your home.


Use muted cool tones, like bright whites, greys, muted pale greens and blues. Think how the sun fades all the colours by the seaside and try to emulate those muted tones. You can add some warm tones if you like but make sure they are always a bit faded or muted, for example, a ‘rusty orange’ but for best results always use it in small amounts.

Fabrics & Patterns.

Choose natural good quality fabrics like linen and cotton. These fabrics also keep cool temperatures during the summer months. Lightweight sheer fabrics also work really well and give this etherial beach house feel. Stripes love this theme but also faded florals or any nautical themed patterns. A few stripy cushions or a stripy bed cover in a predominately white room can make a big difference. But if you prefer more a boho chic style, clash lots of patterns together to achieve this look.

How to create the coastal beach house look in your home


One of my favourite things about coastal beach house design is the flooring. If you already have wood flooring, paint the boards white or light grey. Nowadays you can find a selection of tiles that mimic the wood effect. Tiles in light grey and white toned patterns work equally well for bathrooms, entrances or patios.

Furniture and accessories.

Have fun with some DIY from driftwood. Vintage finds in whitewashed shades, driftwood signs, pebble stones, seashells and wicker baskets and rugs. Natural wood tones works equally well. Everything in moderation, so don’t turn your room into a coastal accessories shop. A few key pieces can bring out this beautiful look.

How to create the coastal beach house look in your home

Light fittings.

Now this is a detail that can easily been missed but it can have a great impact in the overall look. Use wicker straw lampshades for the ultimate beach look. They also diffuse the light beautifully in the evening. Nautical themed light sconces or pendant lights is also a win.

How to create the coastal beach house look in your home


Mirrors reflect the light so, if you are working with a north facing room, using a mirror is a good trick to enhance a poor natural light source. Round mirrors are very ‘coastal’ as they mimic porthole windows but also a large rectangle mirror parred with nautical style wall lights will look great!

How to create the coastal beach house look in your home


The coastal seaside look is very cozy, think about holidays and relaxation. Lots of soft fabrics together will help you achieve the look. Layer up lots of cushions, throws, rugs and sheer curtains with choosing either monochromes, stripes or beach patterns. For a minimalistic etherial look use more layers but less colour so you don’t end up with an over cluttered space. Choose 2 or 3 tones maximum and layer your heart out! If you more into boho chic, clash everything together, the more the better!

Hope this post inspires you to bring a little bit of the seaside home, wherever you are 🙂


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How to create the coastal beach house look in your home