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How I organised my wardrobe for this Autumn

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How to organise your wardrobe this Autumn

Have you started thinking of chunky knits, cashmere jumpers and cosy warm comfort-wear? With the first signs of autumn here, I have already organised my autumn wardrobe and I’ve put all the florals and linen summer dresses away.

I read a shocking statistic recently, 3.6 billion clothes left unworn in the nation’s wardrobes, with 49 percent of our nation suffer from regular ‘wardrobe rage!

If that’s not a reason to maintain a lean, carefully curated wardrobe I don’t know what is! Today I share with you my simple process and there are so many reasons to follow it. Maintaining, or even creating some space, having no “I have nothing to wear”, rage days. Only owning pieces you adore and you feel empowered by, that bring out the best version of yourself when you wear them, and last but not least it is a great way to reign in your finances if you have a tendency of impulsive shopping…

My change of season wardrobe is simple and it can be so satisfying.

  1. First of all I vacuum pack everything that I know I’m not going to wear until the same season comes again. I make sure everything that is being packed is clean. Vacuum bags are great as they are air tight so no bugs, dust or damp can get into my precious clothes, plus they save loads of space. Storing them away provides us with the right space in our wardrobe without having clothes that we are not going to wear for months just hanging up there gathering dust.
  2. There is always a few pieces that I didn’t wear or don’t really fit me right, I put this on my charity pile.
  3. I label the vacuum pack with the rough contents so I know if for example I need to reach for something I don’t have to get everything down. I just use paper tape and write on it. I.e. Summer dresses, swimsuits, summer tops, etc.
  4. I give my wardrobe a good wipe down, now it’s the chance!
  5. Then I get down from the loft my next season clothes.
  6. I open the bags and put everything on my bed. I decide if there are some pieces that I don’t like anymore or they don’t fit me as well and these go on the charity pile.
  7. I then spend some time steaming or ironing the clothes that need freshening up and place them into my wardrobe. Maintaining a capsule wardrobe, means I don’t have a lot to iron!
  8. Then it is the fun part of creating my season capsule wardrobes. Hello my beloved Pinterest I’ve missed you! I look for inspiration on outfits, you can see my board here, but always putting my personal style and comfort over fashion.

I’m not strict about how many pieces I own, I have a double wardrobe for all my clothes. If I run out of space I declutter. I don’t like a crammed wardrobe, I like to see my clothes beautifully displayed and easy to choose.

When I run out of space, I don’t think how to create extra storage or find extra space, but how to declutter. That’s one of my rules: the one in, one out. When I buy something new, an old piece needs to go.

As I work from home and our lifestyle is very laid back I only need to create 2 capsule wardrobes.

My casual loungewear capsule

Contains clothes that are comfy and easy to choose. I always opt in for muted tones but this is because I really like those. Comfortable boyfriend style loose jeans, leggings or joggers and tops that I can layer them over if I need to take the dog out for a walk, run out to the shops, or meet someone casually. I never wear at home ‘old clothes’ that are looking worse for wear, or clothes that I wouldn’t wear out. I don’t think we should keep old stuff unless they really make us feel good.

Many years ago, when I was freelancing for a year, I used to wear ‘home clothes’ which were basically old clothes that I wouldn’t even dare to wear out. I always thought that it doesn’t really matter as no one will see me. What I didn’t realise is that by wearing these old clothes I was affecting my mood. It’s like my life wasn’t worthy of having nice clothes to wear at home. Since I change this habit my mood has been lifted and I will never look back! It is worth wearing beautiful clothes even if I’m house-bound for the day!

My social life, date nights and client meetings wardrobe.

This wardrobe usually contains a few nice dresses, I love how easy and convenient a dress is. One piece and you have your outfit! I’m all about convenience these days. A couple of evening tops. A smarter pair of trousers, a smarter coat, and a few accessories like scarfs and an evening bag.

I decide what I need to buy for this season, depending on my budget and my needs, and try to shop once every season. So goodbye impulse buying! My wallet is thanking me as we speak.

And that’s it. My wardrobe for the new season is ready and now I can relax and get on with my life without having to stress about what to wear every morning.

Much love to you,

 Thank you!

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