I can’t even remember how many times I’ve moved house in the past and because of all this moving I have had to update my furniture very often, as my old ones didn’t always fit. Add to the mix the fact that I like to update our interior styling quite often, means one thing: To keep the costs down, I often end up buying my main big items (sofas, beds, wardrobes etc.) from mass produced furniture brands, e.g. IKEA.

Now, there is nothing wrong with that. Especially if budget doesn’t allow for anything more expensive, but here is what I do to add some personality into our home styling so it doesn’t look exactly like an IKEA catalogue.

The vintage treasure hunt.

Visiting all my favourite vintage shops and looking for little treasures that will bring personality and character into my space, must be one of my favourite things to do over the weekends. My advice, don’t overdo it! Do you know how many times I have been in vintage paradise and wanted to buy everything? MANY!

But think of how much space you have, you don’t want to over-clutter your space otherwise you will end up living in a vintage shop yourself. A few thoughtfully curated and beautifully displayed peaces will do the job. I love combining old and new pieces, I think it looks fresh and elegant, but always, always, go by the ‘less is more’ rule!

Car boot sales.

Yes I know, most of them are full of old dvd’s and weird looking plastic dolls. But every now and then you can find some amazing gems. We found our hand drawn dancing lady (shown below) in a car boot sale and I had a good bargain for it. From £2.50 down to £2! Can you believe it! 🙂

There is always a car boot sale going on nearby and if you don’t have very high hopes then you might find a piece you love and you can have a crazy bargain too. I’m usually too shy or too embarrassed to ask for a better deal, but car boot sales is where I unleash my inner ‘Del Boy’! It’s fun!

Styling ideas to help you add more personality in a room


There is something exciting about repurposing things. I found a beautiful antique African fruit platter but didn’t have any countertop space at the time to place it, so I made it into a wall hanging piece (shown below) and created a focal point over our fireplace. I also found a gorgeous vintage linen tablecloth that wouldn’t fit our table, so I took it down to our local seamstress and asked her to turn it into cushion covers.

If you like something but you can’t use it as is, think if you can repurpose it.  Old totes bags as hanging storage, vintage mason jars as smoothie glasses, old milking stools as bedside tables or side tables, ceramic jugs into planters. Open your mind to think different ideas and the sky is the limit!

Styling ideas to help you add more personality in a room

Support your local shops

Buy small furniture or soft furnishings from your local shops. You can find some real gems in local shops. Yes sometimes they might be a bit more expensive than the mass produced brands but that’s the only way to bring some uniqueness into your style. You won’t be breaking the bank as you’ll only buy small items. We found these bar stools made from reclaimed wood (shown below) in a tiny local shop and they were half the price of what I could find in high street shops!

Styling ideas to help you add more personality in a room


I know, I’m mentioning this in almost every interiors blog I write. But plants bring this splash of colour and energy into your space that no piece of furniture or ornament can. Plonk your plants into some gorgeous wicker baskets that you can find in your local garden centre or antique shop and there you have it, uniqueness all around!

Wall Art.

This will be that one thing that makes your space special. I wrote a blog here about how to create an Art Wall and some ideas to think around art. You might find it useful.

Go minimal.

Everything in moderation. Don’t clutter your space with things that don’t have a purpose or they don’t bring joy to you and your home. Have some ‘white space’ in your room. Meaning not all walls need to have something on them or something in front of them. Having some empty space can only ‘bring out’ your special pieces and make them look even more special and stylish!

Now, I’m dying to know! Did you find this blog helpful? Did you get inspired?

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