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Client project: “Styling our two girls bedrooms was easier than we thought”

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Friends used to tell me for years that I had a natural ‘eye’ for styling when it comes to interiors, even working on a small budget. So I launched my business model with this in mind, to start helping people that can’t afford the high Interior Designers fees and most of the times they need to work with what they have. I believe everyone deserves to live in a beautiful home and the process should be quick, simple and fun!

If you spend hours drooling over Pinterest’s beautiful interiors for inspiration only to get disheartened when you can’t put things together, or your budget is tight, or you just feel overwhelmed with the vastness of choices out there, I think you will find this blog helpful. 

This Place I Call Home - Styling girls bedrooms

The Client project

When the Kinsley family approached me to help them style both of their young daughters rooms I was overjoyed. What they needed was someone to help them put things together. They had a small budget to work with and were happy to get down and dirty, but they needed some design guidance and support along the way.

The brief:

They had just built a loft extension so their budget for buying new stuff was limited but also they wanted to move quickly as the girls needed to move into their new rooms asap. Usually in projects like this, most of the budget goes in the actual build and we are usually left with a small budget for making things look pretty.

This Place I Call Home - Styling girls bedrooms

As I said they were ready to get down and dirty by repurposing and refreshing their old furniture but their girls had strong and completely different ideas about how their individual rooms should look. Becky (their mum) came to me feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the different choices and ideas. She struggled a bit with their vision… so we sat down with a cup of tea and made it all happen. How?

Let’s hear it from the source 🙂

We made it happen!

“With Anna’s help and guidance styling our girls’ bedrooms was so much easier than we thought! It’s like you gave us a recipe to make a very easy cake, we made our own cake and we are OH so proud about it!”
– Becky Kinsley

After sitting down with the girls and talking through what they liked, my brief was clear. Evie had a love for black and white and clean, geometrical lines, but Aimee liked lots of soft colours in her room, she had a very strong love for green and yellow and wanted all her cuddly toys to be included in her scheme.

This Place I Call Home - Styling girls bedroomsThis Place I Call Home - Styling girls bedrooms

A: Why did you decide you needed a home stylist?

B: “In the past we have played it quite safe and not really thought too much about the details. This time, we wanted the rooms to reflect the girls’ personalities and we wanted something that we knew they would LOVE! Doing it on my own, would have been overwhelming and I wouldn’t have tried anything new.

I follow your blog and love your style – I knew you could create something really fun and fresh. I was worried about costs at first but you seemed pretty down to earth and was surprisingly, really affordable. You were happy to help with as much or as little of the project as we wanted – I loved this flexibility.

It meant the family could all get involved in the designs, but that you were there to guide us and help steer our conversations and purchases. Even your purchase ideas were affordable. You kept to our budget and you were happy to re-use the furniture we had, which was very helpful.”

This Place I Call Home - Styling girls bedrooms

A: How did you find the process from start to finish?

B: “The whole process was exciting and fun. From the first day we started, I knew it was going to look great. You helped me take a few risks (stars on walls!) but you really listened to what the girls liked. You sent through initial ideas and moodboards so I could sit with the girls discussing what they liked and didn’t. They squealed with excitement and kept asking to look back at them over the following weeks as we finished off the decorating.

I also loved the links to our purchase ideas, saving me hours searching the internet for each thing. There were some soft furnishings I found myself but I found it so helpful having the moodboards as a reference guide and you were really supportive and encouraging of me having input too.”

This Place I Call Home - Styling girls bedrooms

A: Was it a fun/easy process?

B: “It was so much easier than I thought. A quick initial chat, then you sent through your first ideas. Once we were all happy with the colour scheme and themes you created a moodboard as a reference guide and some possible purchase items.

You even came over to help me put the final touches to the room. You always seemed really happy to help and appeared as excited by the project as us. No question was a silly one which made me feel confident to ask your advice or try something different.”

This Place I Call Home - Styling girls bedrooms

A: Did your family got involved designing the rooms and how did they find working on this project?

B: “We were ALL involved and we LOVED it! Everyone helped with the decoration of the rooms and repainting our old furniture based on your suggestions. My husband designed all the artwork for the girls walls. It was so much fun to work on this as a family project.”

This Place I Call Home - Styling girls bedroomsThis Place I Call Home - Styling girls bedrooms

A: Was the result what you expected?

B: “Yes. I was worried that the rooms wouldn’t look like the girls wanted or that they would be disappointed in some way. Although the rooms aren’t exact replicas of the moodboards, they are very close and the moodboards are great as they kept me focused on the design so the end result looks great!

We’ve had so many positive comments from friends, family and neighbours when we have shown them around. I am already thinking which room to attack next with you! So thank you!!!”

 This Place I Call Home - Styling girls bedrooms

Projects like this fill me with joy as everyone deserves a beautiful home. You don’t need to have a huge budget to achieve this. Just a few ideas, a belief that you can make it happen and a readiness to do the work.

Much love to you,

 Thank you!

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