This one is mine

We are all made of stories

Well Hello! I’m Anna Barling a Creative Director / Brand Strategist / Stylist & a Coach, who loves to work with small businesses and entrepreneurs.

I’m on a mission to help you fall in love with your brand.
I’m here to help you unlock the full potential of your business by creating a brand image that you are proud of. Beyond that, I want to help you find clarity and focus to discover where you want to go with your business and put all the right steps in place to achieve your goals.

“Apart from designing a beautiful current and on trend brand visually, her top priority was that the right messages would communicated to the right audiences. Anna knows how to bring a solution to a problem and that made our working relationship highly creative, fun and always productive.”

Shelley Hoppe - Southerly, The creative content agency
Talking about success

Here is my definition

Working on something you love and you are really proud of. Attracting customers who admire your brand – not just because of how it looks but what it stands for.

A successful brand creates an emotional connection with its customers, an emotional connection that inspires long lasting relationships.

This is what I call success: authentic, long-lasting relationships between your brand and your ideal customer.

“Our new branding and website illustrates perfectly who we are and what we do and it also helped us win a branding asset award from Dent Global. Three words I would use to describe working with Anna would be easy, fun and rewarding.”

Lynn Chambers - Managing Director, Toucan Productions
My story

Cutting a long story, short

Originally hailing from Greece, I made Britain my home almost two decades ago. My biggest fear is running out of olive oil!

I studied Arts & Design in Greece 22 years ago and started a career full of dreams and determination. Over the years, I evolved in my role to a Creative Director. I worked for agencies around Europe, directing creative studios.

For almost 2 decades, I worked with huge multinational corporate clients on branding, internal and external comms, and led design teams to deliver highly successful campaigns in everything from government organisations, to the retail and publishing industries. There is not much in the design spectrum that I haven’t done.

I have worked with and witnessed the powerful transformation great branding can bring into so many businesses over the years, and celebrated their successes. Having a clear brand that articulates your message and attracts the right customers is so empowering that it can only lead to success.

A few years ago I decided that climbing the career ladder wasn’t for me anymore. I wanted to use my wealth of experience to help small businesses and entrepreneurs create their ideal brand and chase their dreams.

I wanted to be part of their journey to success and help them make it happen.

About inspiration

A few things I love


White space

Space creates clarity and focus and that’s why I love it. Allowing space for things to breathe is vital for stunning design.

Great typography

Strong typography has the power to enhance a story and showcase it in its best light. Fonts can really make or break a design.


Having a plan allows you the time and the headspace to be creative, so don’t fall for the myth that structure isn’t for creatives!

Kitchen dance offs

There’s no problem that can’t be shaken off by a good kitchen dance-off. I believe in the rejuvenating power of dancing like nobody’s watching. Try it, it works!


Nature is life. It never stays still and has the power to rebirth every season, which I find fascinating. Nature is my ultimate inspiration board.


Nothing beats the smell of freshly ground coffee in the morning. It awakens all my senses and gets me ready for the day ahead.
Instagram is my thing!

Don’t be shy, come and join the daily chat and inspiration, I would love to meet you.

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