This is my story

Cutting a long story, short

Hello, I’m Anna Barling, who lives in leafy Reigate and the author behind this blog. Originally hailing from Greece, I made Britain my home almost two decades ago. My biggest fear is running out of olive oil!

I studied Arts & Design in Greece more than two decades ago and started a career full of dreams and determination. Over the years, I evolved in my role to a Creative Director and worked for agencies around Europe, directing creative studios.

For almost 2 decades, I’ve been working with multinational corporate clients on branding, internal and external comms, change comms and led design teams to deliver highly successful campaigns in everything from government organisations, to the retail and publishing industries. There is not much in the design spectrum that I haven’t done.

I have worked with and witnessed the powerful transformation great design can bring into so many businesses over the years, and celebrated their successes.

The last few years I’ve been on a journey to simplify my life and find true happiness and fulfilment within my work, because who said a creative’s life is a straight forward path?

This journey, my life learnings, new beginning, failures and celebrating the little things are all documented in this blog. Life is never a straight line, it’s full of all sorts of (often messy) stories that compile a wonderful journey. I’m currently working full time as the Creative Director for Spoon London. Spoon is a global content marketing agency with Scandinavian roots and offices around Europe.

You can't use up creativity.

The more you use, the more you have.

- Maya Angelou

About inspiration

A few things I love


White space

Space creates clarity and focus and that’s why I love it. Allowing space for things to breathe is vital for stunning design.

Great typography

Strong typography has the power to enhance a story and showcase it in its best light. Fonts can really make or break a design.


Having a plan allows you the time and the headspace to be creative, so don’t fall for the myth that structure isn’t for creatives!

Kitchen dance offs

There’s no problem that can’t be shaken off by a good kitchen dance-off. I believe in the rejuvenating power of dancing like nobody’s watching. Try it, it works!


Nature is life. It never stays still and has the power to rebirth every season, which I find fascinating. Nature is my ultimate inspiration board.


Yoga has been for me one of the most transformative journeys of discovering, finding stillness and balancing my body and mind. Through Yoga I create space in my life for all the things that matter the most!