Great brands are born from great people

Let’s break down a myth, your brand is not just your logo. Of course it is what people see, but more importantly is how does your brand make them feel when they get in touch? Is your brand evoking great emotions to your audience? Or leaving them a bit flat…? If you have an established brand that is feeling a bit neglected or you are just starting your brand journey right now and don’t know where to begin, I’m here to help you clear away the cobwebs and navigate with clarity towards your vision.

As an entrepreneur you have to remember, you are your own brand! So let’s create an extraordinary brand that is true to you, by stripping it all back to its bare bones and diving deep into your beliefs and your core values. That’s the only way we can create a sustainably strong brand.

This offering is not just about creating a visually stunning brand, but will also give you and your audience complete clarity on what you do, why you are so passionate about it and where you are heading.

Why you need to have a brand book?

Creating your brand book or your Brand Bible as I like to call it, will give you the power of focus.

What do I mean by that? In our fast pacing and information over-load it is so easy to lose focus and lose track of your vision, goals and even your audience. Sometimes, if we are having a tough time in our business, we get sidetracked by what other people do, what is on trend and what we think we should be doing.

Your Brand Book will be a constant reminder of why you started it all, your core beliefs and where you want to go.

It will also be a fantastic toolkit for all your marketing channels as all your visual brand elements will be included, such as your logo, colour palette, photography and illustrative routes, tone of voice, etc. Everything you need to have to create a coherent look & feel. This is what will make your brand stand out but also will give your audience a sense of balance, security and trust.

What this package includes?

  • Half a day for a bespoke brand review workshop*:
    We will use this time as a discovery session to get to the core values of your brand. It will be a hands on, interactive session, so prepare to be challenged and to get really excited by the possibilities by the end of it.
  • A beautifully designed brand
    This will include elements such as: a logo (or logo refresh if you already have one), a colour palette, style of photography and supporting illustrative elements, fonts and typography styling.
  • Your complete brand book
    A beautifully designed document in a pdf format** including all your brand elements, such as your vision, values, audience personas, tone of voice, all your visual elements etc.

*If meeting in person is not possible we can break this session into Skype calls and all the exercises can be done via email, please contact me to discuss other options that work for you best.
**print options available upon request.

“We worked with Anna on our brand guidelines and the redesign of our website. Anna really listened and made the whole process simple and fun. We thoroughly enjoyed bouncing ideas around with her and discovering new creative avenues for our brand identity.”

Lynn Chambers - Managing Director, Toucan Productions

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